Candle (Blue)



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Creator: Nehal Vasavda


Fragrance- Vanilla

Colour- Blue

Dimension- 6.5cm x 5cm

Material- Gel

Nehal’s Candle

Vibrant hues. Aromatic fragrances. Funky shapes. Harmonious feel.
Bring them all together and you’ve entered an en-lightened world of candles that care and connect.
With wondrous options to choose from – a mug of beer for a cheer, a prosperity jar that takes your wealth far, rainbow shades that come to your beat-the-blues aid and pearls that symbolize chic girls – Nehal’s candles are both an agent of filling darkness with light and spreading the aroma of bliss in your world.
While she infuses fragrances like lavender, lemongrass, lime, green apple, rose, vanilla, orange and watermelon in your favorite shapes and shades, your life wakes up to the call of good health and evergreen light.


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